NEWS FLASH – In Mozambique, Xtenda Financial Holdings is now the holding company and major shareholder of MyBucks Mozambique (Mcb) SA trading as MyBucks Banking Corporation and discussions are currently underway to merge Xtenda Mozambique and MyBucks Mozambique and change the name to Xtenda to conform with the holding company, Xtenda Financial Holdings. The purchase of Micro Finance Zambia from Atlas Mara and African Banking Corporation awaits Bank of Zambia approval.

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Xtenda Financial Holdings Limited (XFHL) is a Mauritius-registered retail financial services group offering a range of financial products and services to the retail market, which is often overlooked by the formal banking sector. The group began operating in late 2015.


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Xtenda has operating subsidiaries in Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia, each with several local and satellite branches. The group also has a management agreement with DBF Capital Partners Limited to manage the day-to-day operations of Xtenda Finance (Pvt) Limited, Zimbabwe.

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DBF Capital Partners Limited (DBF) is a Mauritius-based investment holding company focusing on private equity specifically sector-agnostic principal investing. To date, the company is invested in oil & gas, financial services and real estate. On the financial advisory side, DBF focusses on activities related to private equity, including capital raising, balance sheet restructuring, as well as mergers and acquisitions. DBF Capital Partners Limited is the majority shareholder in Xtenda Financial Holdings Limited.

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